Grout sealer – an absolute essential

September 18, 2016

It’s absolutely essential that you go in for a tile grout sealer to finish the job when you’ve just finished a tile job. When you’ve set your tiles with cement tile grout sealer is needed. The ones that have been set with an epoxy floor coating usually do not want a sealer.

The principal reason a tile grout sealer is used is to prevent your tiles from absorbing moisture. Cement like concrete is porous and if exposed to water, it’ll consume it. If your grout sealer is not set, then this water can seep under the tiles and lead to numerous complications including fungus and mildew. The primary part that gets affected is the substrate or the layer just below the tile. Based on the stuff the damage to your house can be essential.

A grout sealer is used to hold the grout in place so your tiles aren’t susceptible to wear and tear. If your grout is unprotected, then it is going to begin chipping away with time and shortly your tiles may come loose. At times like these, even the simplest of things such as a juice that is split can result in lots of destruction and staining of the tile. This is because grout is porous so will soak up and liquid into the pores thus permanently embedding, in order to prevent this the grout needs to be sealed to make it impervious to moisture and chemicals seeping into it.

Grout sealers are of two kinds and these are based on the way they are to be used. The applicator comes with the applicator brush where the tile grout sealer is sprayed on and the spray is. Smaller spaces can be covered using the applicator and this will necessitate a great deal of complicated work.

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