Simple ways to clean bathroom tiles

September 12, 2016

The toilet is generally the most used room in the home. Due to the moisture of having to keep its occupants clean and its continuous occupation, toilet tiles can get incredibly filthy. The first thing to turn ugly is the bathroom tiles. They tend to get discolored and will have mildew and mould developing on them. That is particularly around bathroom tile grout. Cleaning bathroom grout is especially significant because if left unattended this could be a health hazard. Here are a few ways in which it is possible to do that.

This can readily help you in cleaning toilet grout. Use the baking powder to make some paste along with water. Apply this for your tiles and use a moist cloth on it to wipe away the dirt. Another means of cleaning toilet grout would be to use still another kitchen basic – vinegar. Vinegar is a superb means of removing toilet grout. Apply it to the grout and use a moist cloth to clean. This is perhaps the most inexpensive means.

Another good option to clean bathroom grout would be to mix bleach and water in equivalent proportions. Set on the tiles however just before everyone goes to bed. It needs to remain on the whole night. Clean it the next day with water.

There are also several cleansers in the marketplace which were formulated specially to clean bathroom grout. You mix in some water with it and could pick up some hydrogen peroxide. Apply a coating of sealer to maintain the fresh appearance once you are done cleaning your grout.

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