Why Apply A Slate Sealer?

June 10, 2017

Slate creates a very normal and beautiful finish to ground or any wall. You’ve got probably heard conflicting opinions about sealing your stone tiles, if you are going to install a slate floor, guidance depends on the different experiences contractors and homeowners have had with slate tiles.

As a stone product that is quarried that is natural, it is unsealed and looks great unfinished, and numerous people just like the weathered look it’ll achieve over time. Many others, however, prefer to seal the slate for many different reasons. The slate, which is somewhat porous will be protected by a penetrating or surface sealer, from stains. Certain sealers can supply a permanent wet look.

Although a slate stone has a normal protection on its surface from outside elements, the everyday action to which slate flooring tiles are exposed to frequently make it susceptible to moisture, stain and abrasion. Apply coats of sealer on the slate tiles to extend its polished-look and life.

A bit more regarding the origin of your slate will help you decide how you want to treat it. Brazilian slate is typically dense and has variegated colors while Vermont slate is typically dense, sleek and one consistent color (black, blue, green red). In contrast, Chinese and Indian slates are usually variable in density (soft to hard) and variegated coloring, using a broad variety of colours. Should you get a soft slate, typically Indian or Chinese, pre-seal with a stone sealer.

Buy a sealer specifically designed for natural stones with silicon content. If the tile grout is unsealed, it is going to be useful to obtain a 2-in-1 sealer that seals the grout and also equally the tiles.

You might choose possibly use the spray on or the brush-on sort. The brush-on type could be used with roller or paint brush. This type of sealant is cheaper as compared to the Spray on kind. The later, however, offers convenience because you only must spray it on the tiles’ surface.

Before applying a slate sealer first permit the mortar to dry, after you have laid the tiles before grouting the tiles, and treatment. To improve the bonding power of your mortar and grout, combine penetrating sealant with grout as opposed to water. This recipe improves the water resistance of the installation and increases tensile and bond strengths.

Let cure for at least 24 hrs before walking on the floor, once you have applied your coat of penetrating slate tile sealant. The longer you’re able to let it cure before walking on it, the better protection you will have, and the lengthier the bond lasts. Notice that the sealer needs to be re-applied after every less than six years for interior surfaces, and every 1 to 36 months for exterior surfaces, depending on the brand.

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